Email Security

Protect your users from phishing and malware

Are Your E-Mails Safe?

Ransomware, Viruses, Spam and Phishing are all security issues that businesses face each and every day. One of the primary ways of infiltrating a network or stealing money is through email. The best option is to stop it before the user ever sees it.

A major problem harming businesses today is Spear Phishing or CEO Fraud. In these cases, a user is sent an email that looks like it is from the CEO requesting the user wire some money or purchase gift cards. In either case it is an elaborate scheme to steal your money. With detection of these attempts and blocking the email before the user ever sees it, you know your users can feel safe.

With support from TruTech IT Solutions you can always contact us about any questionable emails and we are happy to assist you.


Phishing is one of the main ways attackers get into your network and files.  With clever tricks to make it the emails look legitimate they are able to easily trick users into giving up too much.


Ransomware is a malicious software (malware) designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a financially devastating online crime. These deceptive emails appear to be from trusted sources, often targeting key employees with payment authorization or financial system access. BEC scams are lucrative and frequently succeed.

Lets Protect Your Emails!

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