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Everyone knows they need to secure their network, the big question is how.  The answer is through multiple layers of protection provided by TruTech IT Solutions.

We view security as a layered approach.  There is no single piece of hardware or software that will protect your network completely. We offer layered solutions to protect your whole network.

Using Microsoft Windows Server you can change security for your workstations, whether it be specific settings regarding passwords or controlling the Windows firewall. All parts of the layers of security for your network.

Part of securing your network is to keep all of your equipment patched. Firewalls, switches and your computers all need to have their updates installed to have the latest security in place. Make sure your systems are up to date.

Like everything else with computers, security needs are ever changing. We offer all of the above to our clients including Email Security to protect your users.


Your firewall is the gatekeeper to your network.  TruTech IT Solutions provides a strong business class firewall will multiple security features.

Web Filter

There are many known websites that need to be blocked.  With the Web filtering provided by the firewall malicious websites are blocked before other filters even check them.

Gateway Antivirus

The firewall can block known viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and others before entering your network.

Geolocation Blocking

Many of the attacks on your network come from other countries.  Using the Geolocation blocking in the firewall we provide we block most other countries from even attempting to log into your network.

Intrusion Prevention

Think of an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as anti-virus for your network, detecting malicious information coming into your network.

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