Secure Cloud Backup

Secure/Safe Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup solution offers all the features you need in backup. In the event of a failure we can perform a full restore of your systems as if nothing had happened. Whether it is backing up files on a Network Attached Storage or running full backups of your Hyper-V Virtual Machines, we have you covered.

It’s great to have good backups, but you want secure backups. Your data is backed up to SSAE-Compliant data centers, keeping your data secure 24/7.

Secure Cloud Backup

TruTech IT Solutions Offisite Backup with our Managed IT Services

Immutable Backups

What if your server is hacked?  The next target is your backups.  With Immutable Backups your backed up data is not accessible from the machine that is backed up.  This provides a greater level of safety for you.

Microsoft 365

Whether it be accidental file or email deletion or a hacker encrypting your information you want you information securely backed up.  Keeping your Sharepoint files and emails safe is the goal with Microsoft 365 Backup.


All of your files are safely stored in secure data centers which have been tested for compliancy.

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